Top 3 HCG Drops On The Market : Dont Buy Until You Read This Review


How many times have you looked in the mirror and struggled to find a solution for your weight problems? Exercises that took a lot of your time, diets that you simply couldn’t follow through, various prescriptions that didn’t fulfill your expectations…everything failed you.

But then, there may be a solution that you didn’t know about. There is something called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that female body produces during a pregnancy. This hormone ensures the well-being of a fetus. Eventually, this hormone found its way into the nutrient supplemental industry because of its beneficial properties.  It has been proved that Human Chorionic Gonadotropin can help people to lose weight.  Products made of this hormone are used worldwide and with great success. Since HCG drops are in high demand and work efficiently, there are lots of its variants. Therefore, we have decided to help you pick the best diet drops. These weight loss drops are some of the best on the market, so you won’t make a bad choice in choosing any of these.

Best 5 HCG Drops On The Market


American made and approved by FDA, this product is undisputed champion when it comes to the effectiveness of dietary supplements. Do not get us wrong, all of these on our list will help you greatly. But, according to sales and customer reviews, HCG Complex simply stands out as a winner. This liquid supplement is 100% natural product. It won’t trigger any side-effects and it is very effective in its work.

What can HCG complex do for you?

HCG complex doesn’t derive from natural Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. Instead, the best ingredients are mixed together in order to create this wonderful little supplement.

HCG complex can help achieve lots of things. Since it mimics the power of HCG successfully, it will help you lose weight fast. It will also help you burn fat while maintaining the lean structure of your muscles. It increases metabolism and energy levels too, plus it will improve your digestive and immune systems.

How does it work?

HCG mimics the effects of real HCG. It goes directly to your hypothalamus and signals your body to release the stored fat into your blood stream. This way, all that fat is used by your blood cells for nourishment. Now, when you combine HCG Complex with a diet, food and calorie intake reduction will force your body to use fat (that has been already transferred to your bloodstream) as an energy source. Now that only “the abnormal fat” (the kind of fat that your body doesn’t need) will be affected. This means that your muscles will retain their healthy fat stores and preserve their strong and handsome structure. Abnormal fat is most visible on your hips, thighs, arms, and buttocks. This means that HCG complex will target these areas as a priority for a “fat removal process”.  All that nasty fat stored there won’t be just removed; it will serve you as energy reserve that you can spend for your daily activities. Also, HCG complex will balance your PH levels and protect your muscle tissue.

This is the best product that we can offer

It is helpful, it is easy to use, and easy to find online. Like we said before, HCG complex has lots of benefits to offer. It even contains vitamin B12 and a wide array of healthy salts in its arsenal. The only thing that you need to follow through is a “500 calorie” plan. Yes, we mentioned it several times already, but honestly, this is the best course of action for you. Your body will learn to burn faster and you will start losing weight rapidly. Thanks to HCG complex, you will easily go through this diet and the results will shock you. Your unnecessary fat will be gone, your muscles will be preserved and your figure will be breathtaking. Completely safe and natural, extremely effective, easy to order and quite affordable, this is our number one on this list. Plus, the friendly support from HCG complex team will be very pleased to help you anytime.



This is one powerful supplement that helps aid in weight and fat loss. These drops contain vitamins, minerals, and even herbs that will help you to eat less. Your energy levels will be increased too, but most importantly, these drops will (if combined with appropriate diet) do wonders for your figure. Many people will say “calorie restricted diet is enough if I am to lose weight”. Honestly speaking, that is true, but it will take you a lot of time to start noticing the changes on your body. Why would you take HCG 1234 then? Will it speed up the process of losing weight? That is partially true.

HCG 1234 is designed to take the effectiveness of your fasting to a next level. First of all, fasting is very stressful for your body. Your body will crave for sugar. Your metabolism will be affected in a negative way. All of these and much more will make you say “meh, I will take just one candy and start again tomorrow”. And you will fail. HCG 1234 will keep your metabolism steady. It will curb your appetite and grant you enough strength (both mental and physical) to endure the radical fasting process. But this is not all that HCG 1234 does. It might be easier to explain how powerful HCG 1234 is by presenting its ingredients to you.

HCG 1234 contains Niacin – a beneficial ingredient that helps the body with digestion. It supports healthy metabolism by successfully converting food to energy. Other benefits of this ingredient are:

  • It helps with nervous system help
  • It affects your skin by regenerating skin’s cells
  • It keeps your digestive system healthy

L-Arginine is another healthy ingredient that HCG 1234 has in its arsenal. L-Arginine improves your immunity, muscle growth, and repair. It also regulated fat and glucose levels in your body.

HCG 1234 also contains Beta-Alanine, an ingredient that provides muscle support and increases aerobic endurance.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that assists with protein metabolism and energy production. As the body gets stressed during dieting, L-Carnitine will act as a replacement supplement and keep your body fully functional.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is known for its restorative properties. This amino acid will help your body to transport nitrogen which is believed to be necessary for maintaining the body and keeping the metabolism working.

L-Ornithine has highly effective anti-fatigue properties and it also increases the efficiency of energy consumption.

Astragalus Root (Astragalus membranaceus) helps guard the body to endure stress successfully. It also protects and supports the immune system. This ingredient is one of the main reason why HCG 1234 doesn’t include any side-effects. Astragalus Root is also known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Originating from Peruvian highlands, Maca Root (Lepidium meyenii) increases human body’s stamina and energy levels. Used by athletes, this ingredient increases athletic performance, memory and the immune system.

Rhodiola Extract (from Rhodiola Rosea Root) is known for its soothing qualities. It will help your body cope easier with stress, plus it helps in dealing with anxiety and depression.

All of these are neatly packed in HCG 1234. With these ingredients available for use, you can lose weight fast and not only preserve, but improve your health along the way too.

 HCG Triumph:

Do you believe that miracles could happen within 26 days? Something like losing a large amount of unwanted pounds? Well, with HCG Triumph by your side, you might actually do that. Years of testing and “brainstorming” have given birth to one of the most potent HCG drops ever. Approved by FDA, these HCG drops can help you lose one pound per day in a healthy manner. HCG Triumph drops will burn the fat that harms your body and turn it into usable energy. It is best if you go with already mentioned “500 calorie” diet BUT these drops could even tolerate different eating habits. As long as you don’t eat unnaturally large amounts of food, these diet drops will actually help you. Scientists have created a mixture of natural ingredients (including real Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and placed it in a bottle. In a safe and natural way, you will be able to lose weight quickly. HCG Triumph doesn’t require of you to spend days working out hard in a gym. With just a little of bit of physical activity, you will contribute enough so that HCG Triumph can work at maximum effectiveness.

This diet drop product is very efficient and can help you not only lose weight but stay in shape too. The human body contains three types of fat. Structural fat is essential for your body and health. Normal reserve fat is literally a “backup” that your body always needs. And then there is fat that your body really doesn’t need. HCG Triumph burns the fat stores that your body doesn’t need and shape it into usable energy. This magnificent product will reduce your weight, boost your metabolism and even grant you some extra energy. It will also help you to control your appetite and get rid of excessive eating habits.

HCG Triumph is safe for both man and women to use. It doesn’t trigger any side effects and it will also help you stay away from junk food and unhealthy snacks and sweets.

Also, know that HCG Triumph support is very helpful and this product is quite affordable. If you decide to go with it, make sure to follow the instructions and you will lose weight in no time.

Nu Image Medical Drops:

 Based in the USA, NU IMAGE MEDICAL is an establishment that has a great experience in helping their customers who need to lose some weight. For years they have been creating various products that are known for its safety and effectiveness. NU IMAGE MEDICAL drops are highly effective and the customer reviews are a testimony to that. But, before you decide to choose them, you must know a couple of things.

First of all, there is a thing called “500 calorie diet”. Developed by doctor Simeons, the man who discovered the beneficial properties of HCG, this diet will maximize the effectiveness of weight loss drops. The point of this diet is to consume 500 calories per day. The 500 calorie diet may sound scary, but millions of patients that have undergone it will say otherwise. People who were on this special diet have reported minimal drops in hunger. Also, they have reported that their energy levels remained intact, and some even felt invigorated while undertaking this diet. The point of this diet is to take the stored up fat in your body and transform it into energy that you can actually put to good use. This diet increases your metabolism rate so that your body could burn fat faster than usual.  Why have we mentioned this? We said it because when you take HCG drops, specialists will also advise you to undergo “500 calorie” diet in order to maximize diet drops’ effectiveness and to achieve your desired results much faster and in a healthier manner.

NU IMAGE MEDICAL drops are the type of HCG drops that work exactly in this manner. Combined with a 500 calorie diet, NU IMAGE MEDICAL drops will burn your fat, help you replenish energy faster and curb your hunger pangs too. NU IMAGE MEDICAL drops could be found only with a medical prescription so that could prove to be a bit of a problem if you are living outside of USA. But if you have the legal means to obtain these, be sure to combine them with already mentioned diet, follow the instructions and you will be extremely pleased with the results.

Nutra Pure HCG Drops:

Founded in 2010, these diet drops quickly became popular. However, before we proceed you need to know that these are homeopathic HCG drops. What does this mean? This means that these drops don’t contain true HCG. Homeopathic HCG drops are most commonly made of natural ingredients that have the same effect as real HCG. You may think that this is fraud, but it isn’t. These products are safe to use, legal and most importantly, homeopathic HCG products will achieve the same results as real HCG.

Now, Nutra Pure HCG drops are very effective, some customers even reported that, when combined with exercise and the right diet, Nutra Pure can help you lose 1 to 2 lbs per day. Also, unlike some other HCG diet drops, you can use Nutra Pure for an extended period of time. There are some other benefits that Nutra Pure drops can offer to you.

First of all, if you are exercising type, know that Nutra Pure will help you regain energy faster, therefore it will improve the amount of time you spent training. Also, these homeopathic HCG drops will regulate your blood sugar levels and metabolize your fat into energy. Another great thing is, Nutra Pure support team is very friendly and you can contact them on their website anytime. They will instruct you on how to use these drops and advise you what else you can do to lose weight.

How did we find Best HCG drops on the market?

Like you, our interest is that you lose weight safely. Before we break down our criteria for picking out the best HCG drops in the market, it is important to note that having a little knowledge about HCG will keep you from making mistakes. If you can, ensure that what you intend to buy has been approved by the FDA. This approval is at times given to labs or facilities instead of single items to tell the public that products made there are of trusted quality. If you have ever felt stuck in a supermarket aisle because you were not sure which of two similar products to buy, you can understand how complex making a choice between HCG products is.

Just like having a magic wand in your hand, the simple knowledge that HCG drops is all you need to achieve that healthy weight you have always desired can be quite phenomenal. According to a study conducted by the World Health Organisation in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults aged over 18 years were overweight. If you were to develop a product for this group of people, imagine how much business you would have. This is exactly what is happening in the supplements industry as far as creating HCG drops is concerned. So, it is commendable that you have decided to do something about maintaining a healthy weight but an even greater task lies ahead. In the modern world where everyone is out to make some money, how do you know that the HCG drops on offer are good?

By narrowing down your selection to just 5 products out of at least 115 available, honestly, we have done the bulk of the work. Our choice has been influenced by a set of factors that ensure you are getting pharmaceutical grade HCG-based supplements. This is all you need to protect yourself from the large number of unscrupulous traders that will take your money at any cost. You will notice that we have broken down our criteria into pointers that every shopper uses, albeit unconsciously before buying something.


The only way to know if something really works is to seek the opinion of several people who have used it. Well, we are all different and so is our body systems – that is why the effectiveness of a drug varies from one person to the other. To find the most effective HCG drops we have sort to find those products that have more or less the same effects on everyone, after all, every medical formulation is created with a definite end result. For a drug to be in the market for many years, it means that it is working and this is one of the tools we use to gauge the effectiveness of available HCG drops.

If you have been searching the internet for information on these dietary supplements, you must have come across claims that HCG drops do not work. In fact, some people have termed the whole process of depending on HCG drops to be a scam. That is not true! The fact that the average weight loss achieved when using HCG drops is 0.5–1 kg (1–2 pounds) per day cuts across the board is reason enough to believe that the products we have chosen for you really do work. Despite the fact that you will be on a low-calorie diet while taking your HCG drops, you should not feel hungry. This is the ultimate guarantee that your drops are as effective as they should be.

Ingredients quality

In the united states, the use of the real HCG hormone is restricted to registered fertility clinics and is therefore not sold without a prescription. If people are not allowed to buy the real HCG hormone, what is this that is being sold as HCG? Well, researchers have studied the effects of HCG in the body and come up with formulations that work to mimic the action of real HCG; some formulations will trigger the body to produce HCG while others will copy the energy release pattern of the real hormone. The latter is more effective and has better results and is the basis for the top HCG drops we have selected for you.

The real HCG would probably have the hormone as the main and only ingredients but FDA has a regulation on it. We have searched for products that contain; L-Ornithine, L-Glutamine, L-Carnitine, Niacin, Maca, Rhodiola, Beta-alanine, Pygeum Africanum and Astragalus, a weight loss diet supplement. While the real HCG is absent in some HCG drops, it believed that they produce desired results.

A high-performance HCG product can only be the result of careful selection and formulation of the best ingredients. How do we know that the ingredients are top quality? We look for mention of natural and pure components which have been made in FDA certified facilities.

Customer ratings

The internet is an amazing marketing tool because most people voluntarily share their opinion on products they have used. As a consumer, it can be the best source of crucial data that is needed before buying. Some websites obviously publish negative customer reviews to crush a competitors business while others list fake reviews to con buyers into purchasing. The strategy we have used to qualify our products based on online customer ratings is to rely on a couple of credible websites which when compared, give a general customer mood about a product.

Amazon is a popular online marketplace and listed among the pioneer retail sites on the internet. Did you know that Amazon ranks among the top 10 most visited online sites? Amazon merchants are drawn from all over the world and you would guess that the clientele is too. When we were going through Amazon reviews, we thought it would not be enough to just look for a 5-star rating but consider other aspects of the reviews as well. For instance, we are interested in ratings made by verified buyers, real user accounts, and the ratio of positive to negative reviews. We do not overlook the time period that a merchant has been operating on the platform, this to establish their level of credibility.

eBay is another popular online marketplace that we have used to source buyer opinions from. No two sites can be exactly the same when it comes to reviews because they operate under different sales models. To verify ratings we got from Amazon, we go through the same from eBay on the same product. This process has allowed us to rule out products on the basis of popularity and number of reviews.

Walmart remains a unique retail platform in that it possesses a physical presence that is as influential as its web footprint. Luckily, the Walmart database is able to provide us with information on how many HCG products have been bought over a certain time period, customer satisfaction levels and repeat orders made. Naturally, Walmart aims to stay in business so they often conduct surveys on products in the hopes of improved stocking, availability and variety.

Cost factor

We have heard the phrase that cheap is expensive so many times that we believe that a good product must cost an arm and a leg. Well, that is not true. While you might have to spend much more than a few pennies on a good quality HCG product, the price should not be exorbitant. Everybody is sensitive where money is concerned and why not when it requires so much effort to acquire it? We are aware that products that are either too expensive or too cheap are often a fraud because these sellers do not care about anything else but the price aspect. To handpick the genuine ones, we research market prices and compare this to what various sellers are offering.

Another cost setting strategy we have seen manufacturers use and which points to their goodwill is offering discounts. Even though they are selling to make a profit, you have to admit that they sacrifice a chunk of it by giving you a discount. Interesting things to look out for in this regard are special discounts on holidays, seasons and anniversaries. Before we conclude that an HCG product has been priced shamelessly expensive, we must consider the ingredients used, size and type of bottle used plus the manufacture edition.

Re-order rate

Ever bought something and you absolutely loved it? If it is a piece of clothing, you would probably buy in another color or for your loved ones. If it is food, on the other hand, you would without a second thought buy it in bulk just in case everyone else does ad it runs out of stock.

The bottom line is that you would go back again and again; this is what business people call the re-order rate. By analyzing how the same set of customers purchase a product over time, it is easy to determine the nature of interaction with the products. In our research, we left out products that only seemed to register new first time purchasers because it meant that old customers were not coming back. Why could that be? It could be due to a host of valid reasons such as harsh side effects and ineffectiveness. We mentioned that the internet is a powerful analytics tool and could help to establish how popular a product is. If you couple the re-order rate with google analytics, then you get a true picture of how the benefits of a product have spread because everybody seems to be talking about it even on the web.

Customer support

The buying process does not end when the receipt of purchase has been issued. On the contrary, most consumers will find that they are stuck on how to use a product when they get home even when a demonstration had been done. Customer support is an important aspect of any organization and covers not only information on the product but also after sales support. It is normal to have a systems downgrade but this should not be the norm with the customer support department.

When looking for the best HCG product for you, we consider the customer support policy and how it has been enforced to past buyers. Did the merchant give a guarantee  of refund if the product was ineffective but has not followed up? Did the seller promise to refund for damaged goods but they did not do it? Or did the seller refuse to set up a customer support system to assist customers to administer their product?

What exactly is HCG and How HCG drops helps you in losing weight?

The Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a reproductive system hormone produced by a female’s body during the first three months of pregnancy. As a matter of fact, most over the counter pregnancy testing kits are designed to detect the presence of this hormone to confirm a pregnancy.

When the female body detects a pregnancy, the HCG hormone is produced naturally to ensure that the unborn baby grows normally. Did you know that the first three months of pregnancy are the hardest because that is when most women experience morning sickness? You can imagine throwing up everything you eat at every meal and when you do keep something down, it is usually not nutritionally sufficient.

These incidents of starvation when a woman is pregnant could easily lead to the birth of an underweight baby but thanks to HCG, it does not happen. A study conducted on the relationship between starvation of a woman in pregnancy versus the birth weight established that HCG was responsible for lowering body metabolism thereby using minimal nutrients efficiently to maintain healthy fetal weight. Since HCG is responsible for maintaining a pregnancy, it has been used successfully on both men and women as a fertility enhancing drug. So, how does the HCG dietary supplement achieve weight loss?

Normally, people who want to lose weight are afraid that they will end up with sagging skin in all the areas where fat deposits were. This happens because many weight loss regimes sacrifice lean tissue. Without HCG in a diet program, the body will go into a state of self-defence where lean muscle is broken down to provide energy to survive. If HCG drops are taken in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, the HCG directs the body to the most appropriate fat to burn which is unwanted fat deposited in the tummy, arms, and bottom. Breaking down this fat and allowing it back into the bloodstream provides instant energy for the dieter. This is supported by testimonies from people who report having high and consistent energy levels throughout their diet period. The effects of HCG are irreversible when need be that is why doctors recommend HCG as a dietary supplement when losing weight. Lean muscle develops over time HCG assisted diet, expect to record rapid weight loss, reduced feeling of hunger and high energy. Why is this so and what effect does it have on weight? When the body is in a state where it does not feel hungry, the urge to eat will be absent causing little or no food intake, reducing body weight. Another action of naturally produced HCG hormone in both men and women is to trigger production of other hormones such as testosterone which is important in maintaining optimal sex drive.

A crash diet may seem quite appealing because the results register almost instantly on a weighing scale. Muscle is denser than adipose fat and when a diet causes shedding of tissue, the dieter can be fooled into thinking that they are losing the bad weight while in fact, the reverse is happening.

Difference between Prescription HCG drops and Homeopathic HCG drops

If you can remember, we mentioned that the real HCG hormone is heavily regulated by the FDA so much that many manufacturers fail to meet the standards for approval. If you can get real HCG, then you have access to prescribed HCG drops while the rest of the dieters make do with Homeopathic HCG drops. Because the FDA follows up on every aspect of Prescription HCG drops, their quality is always guaranteed. This together with the fact that only the manufacturer can sell or distribute their products ensures that the drops are effective in what they are created to do. FDA approval marks the basis of our comparison between Prescription HCG drops and Homeopathic HCG drops.

Availability :

Prescription HCG Drops can only be sold to you if you have a prescription as opposed to Homeopathic HCG Drops which are sold over the counter. Some manufacturers have devised a system of prescribing Prescription HCG Drops to their clients who want to use them for weight loss but usually it is on condition of purchase of diet plans from them.

Composition :

Prescription HCG Drops contain the actual HCG hormone although in a synthetic form while Homeopathic HCG Drops contain zero or diluted levels of synthetic HCG. To achieve the similar results to those of Prescription HCG Drops, Homeopathic HCG Drops constitute several ingredients many of which are amino acids and herbal extracts.


Due to the conditions under which Prescription HCG Drops are manufactured and presented to consumers, the price is usually high compared to that of Homeopathic HCG Drops. For a 46-day diet plan, be ready to part with about $400 as opposed to between $30 and $70 for a  diet plan of 40 days.

Is it mandatory to be in HCG diet while taking HCG drops?

When a British endocrinologist A.T.W. Simeons came up with the HCG diet, many people welcomed the idea but what most did not realize is that reducing the amount of food you normally eat is not an easy task. The National Institutes of Health recommends that women and men take a daily minimum of 1,200 calories and 1,500 calories of food respectively to ensure that all body systems are supported accordingly. The original HCG diet which Dr. Simeons conceived, recommends a daily intake of 500-550 calories. Since we have already analyzed the function of HCG drops in the body, would it make sense to maintain these recommended intakes if your intention was to lose weight? Absolutely not! It will obviously be hard to go from 1,200 to 500 calories but if you are using an effective HCG brand, the drops will cause your body to suppress feelings of hunger. What entails an HCG diet?

According to Simeon, there is a list of foods that you need to take and others that you need to stay away from. For instance, breakfast should comprise of sugarless tea or coffee which you can sweeten with 1 tbsp. of milk. You may choose to have both lunch and dinner if you are able to maintain your caloric balance. For lunch or dinner, lean meats are best, accompanied by a slice of bread, vegetable, and fruit.

By any measure, the HCG diet is a very low-calorie diet plan whose aim is to achieve rapid loss of weight. Without HCG drops, it would be a starvation plan that the body may not cope with. The plan to lose weight using the HCG diet is broken down into four phases; follow these guidelines to get the best results.

Loading phase

The loading phase is the easiest step of the HCG diet. Due to the freedom, you have in this phase, many people consider it a phase before the HCG diet begins. The phase will only last a maximum of 3 days but is very important if the diet plan is to succeed. During this phase, you are allowed to eat anything you want and in whatever quantities you desire. Although there are no favorite foods to eat during this phase, best results are achieved if you eat foods that are high in sugar and fat. Are you worried about where all this unhealthy junk is going to? There is no need to panic because the HCG drops we will introduce later will have plenty to work on.

Weight losing phase

This is where the real work begins because you not only have to follow the HCG dosage are instructed but you also need to count calories so that you do not consume beyond what has been stipulated for you. This phase requires conscious deliberation because it will last between 26 and 46 days depending on how much weight you expect to lose. The counting of calories is not enough by itself because dieters have to eat only foods that support their course. To make the best out of this phase, the HCG hormone should be used at the same time. Committing to taking HCG drops daily and maintaining a calculated caloric diet are the highlights of this phase. It is during the weight shedding phase that the body will signal the brain to target unwanted body fat for conversion into energy. There is no doubt that your intake is 500 calories but that cannot possibly keep you alive. The combined HCG diet is actually burning 3000-3700 calories daily.

Stabilization phase

By the time you get to this stage, your weight loss journey is already bearing fruit and you must have gotten used to people commented on how much weight you have lost. This is a crucial step in your weight loss regime because your aim is to allow your body to continue losing weight as a routine instead of depending on a supplement. For the 3 weeks that this phase will last, you will not take the HCG drops so that the body flushes it out but keeps the memory of its effect.

Since HCG is no longer there to control hunger, you are supposed to increase food portions and luckily, the HCG diet plan contains a list of permitted foods for this phase. Increasing the amount of food you eat not only helps to adjust the digestive system but also to pick out food intolerance and hormonal imbalances as a result of certain foods.

Maintenance phase

Congratulations for making it this far! You must be spending hours in front of the mirror admiring the new you; lighter, faster and better looking. It is now time to resume your normal life but you now have tips of how to maintain a healthy weight. Your body has now been reset and you have a second take at having the body and appearance you have always wanted. If you still want to lose more weight, give yourself a couple of weeks breaks then begin the process. By choosing to lose weight using the HCG method, you have saved yourself lots of trouble, foiled results and relapses so you are miles ahead of those who choose regular weight loss plans. If you think that maintaining this new body is hard, consider writing down everything you need to do; exercise regularly, watch your calories, eat a balanced diet and adopt a vigorous lifestyle.

FAQ’s about HCG diet drops

Even after discussing HCG at length, it is normal if you still find yourself asking questions. Here, we will try to cover issues that you may find yourself struggling with at a personal level.

Are HCG drops safe for men?

YES! It is true that the HCG hormone is only produced by females and only when they become pregnant. For men, this could sound scary because many would imagine that using it in any form may cause them to acquire female traits. Studies that have been done on the side effects of various HCG drops available in the market have ruled out the possibility that using HCG cause loss of masculinity in men. In fact, men should be glad that the interacted with HCG hormone while in their mother’s womb because this is the hormone that is solely responsible for stimulating gonad development.

In cases where the testicles are not able to drop on their own in young boys, HCG can be administered to stimulate a natural and safe process. This happens because HCG triggers production of testosterone in optimum levels as required by the body.

HCG has also been used successfully to reverse shrinkage of male organs brought about by excessive use of testosterone. This will naturally boost a man’s ego thus enhancing their sexuality.

Men who have been diagnosed with infertility need to only look up to HCG for help; a fertility doctor will use HCG in injection form to increase the sperm count without the need to use harsh formulations that could lead to adverse health conditions.

Men, therefore, can be confident when taking HCG for weight loss and be assured that it will not only help them achieve this one goal but also improve their overall manhood.

Can you suffer from an anxiety disorder because of taking HCG?

NO! Anxiety and all mental conditions that result from it are as a result of the thought process of an individual. By learning to approach issues critically and rationally, many people have managed to deal with issues of anxiety. The reason people assume that HCG is responsible for their anxiety attacks is that they allow their bodies to be in tension as they anticipate results of taking HCG.

Do I need to involve my doctor before using HCG?

YES! Everybody is unique in all ways; that is why people taking the same kind of medicine have different manifestations of recovery and side effects. You may be among the lucky ones who can tolerate the medication well but the only way to know this is to have tests done by a medical doctor. Before you begin any diet plan, get examines for heart function, blood sugar levels, and other undetected ailments. Not only are you protecting your body from straining, but you will also be able to correctly calculate your caloric needs and diet components.

Will I start seeing results immediately?

The answer to this question depends on factors such as the number of calories you have decided to keep in your diet, the rate of metabolism, activity level and overall body weight. With a strict plan and HCG administration protocol, most people should be able to lose weight from the first day of using HCG.

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