How To Use HCG Complex Drops?


The good things about using HCG Complex drops are that these are safe and extremely effective. Also, you don’t need to be afraid of needles anymore, because these drops (unlike HCG injections) are used orally. Now, before you decide to start consuming these, you should consult a specialist because there are many factors to consider (things like your eating habit or weight). Also, you will need to learn more about HCG diet plan. If you want to use these drops, you will need to manage your diet carefully.


What is the HCG diet protocol? If you want to lose weight safely you will need to change your diet. You should restrict your daily caloric intake if you want HCG complex drops to be effective. Now, this intake varies from person to person because people have different goals when it comes to losing weight. Also, people have different metabolisms and some will consider exercising too. For those who are not into exercising 500 calorie diet is the best course of action. This type of diet will produce quick results. Those who are into exercising and sports can adjust their diet up to 1,200 calories per day and still achieve desired results. The good thing about this regime is that when you start using HCG Complex drops, your appetite won’t be as it was before. You won’t crave for sugar and fats as you did in the past. Also, it would be wise if you “pick your calories” carefully. Avoid sweets, sodas, deli meats and junk foods. Try to eat healthily and get your nutrients from natural sources


When you receive your HCG Complex package you will most likely receive instructions too. Still, we will try to explain the process of consuming these in order to help your efforts to lose weight. First, you should know that you should keep these in a refrigerator. Remember one thing though, these drops are NOT recommended for children who are under 18 years old. You should also know that you should eat or drink nothing for 15-30 minutes before and after you take HCG drops. The drops are easy to consume. You should just place them under your tongue.

There are four phases when it comes to consuming HCG drops.

The first phase starts at the moment you start consuming HCG drops. You should consume these three times a day. The first dose should be consumed in the morning, before breakfast. The second dose should be consumed before lunch and the third those should be consumed before dinner. Infuse ten drops (per dose) under the tongue and hold them there for two minutes. On the first two days of consuming drops, you can eat a lot of fats. You will need to “store” the energy for what is to come. Also, remember NOT to eat or drink anything for 15-30 minutes before (and after) you consumed these drops.

The second phase starts on the third day. You will start your low-calorie diet then. This means that you should be careful what you eat. Avoid sweets and fats. Also, you should stop using HCG drops after three or six weeks since you started (consult with a specialist) the first phase.

The third phase starts after you stopped consuming drops. You should increase your calorie intake now, but do it slowly. You should check your weight every morning and still watch out what you eat.

The fourth phase is the end of this diet plan. If you have achieved desired results, you may stop using these drops completely. But be careful though. Although you can increase a number of calories that you consume now, don’t get carried away. You still must eat healthily and in reasonable doses. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, you should consult your specialist and you may even start all these four phases again, as recommended.

Well, after reading these instructions we kindly request you to checkout current available HCG Complex packages.

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