Why HCG Diet Is Considered As The World’s Most Famous Strict Diet?

The history behind the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone is not something that has been newly discovered. It was around 1950’s that Dr. Albert T. Simeon changed the approach of using HCG hormone. He studied the effects of this hormone when supplemented as a weight lost treatment for obese patients. Previously physicians would attempt a 1,000-calorie daily intake for obese patients. Dr. Simeon studied the issues in placing just diet alone. He created a diet regimen with hormonal supplements that aide the way the body looses weight. He understood that loosing weight is not about the numbers on a scale. It is about how the body gets rid of the weight. He has implemented a 500-calorie diet to be taken with HCG hormone supplements. Over the course of his studies, the diet regimen he has created saw a significant weight lost to all it’s participants.

There are controversy of the difference between a diet of 500 calories without HCG and a 500-calorie diet with HCG. The argument is that the HCG hormone will curb your appetite as well as provide energy by consuming the energy from stored fat deposits. Others find it hard to distinguish the type of weight loss with 500-calorie diet without the use of HCG.

It is believed that HCG spares the muscles from being used as a source of fuel when on a low calorie diet. This has not been scientifically supported that HCG prevents the breakdown of muscles during low calorie daily intake however, there are tremendous amount of testimonials that will tell you they swear by HCG Diet.


The Regimen:

The HCG diet has three phases that introduces your body to the regimen, an initial phase, a burning phase, and a maintenance phase.

The regimen continues until 34 pounds have been lost or 40 doses of HCG hormone have been reached. The diet is a low calorie intake of 500 calories per day that is divided by two meals per day. Strict adherence to the food selection provided is important due to the low starch content.

A normal daily calorie should be around 1800-2100 calories per day. To substantially decrease calorie intake to 500 calories daily does not come without risks.

For the Introduction Phase or Initial Phase: 

The participants are required to eat a high calorie diet for the first 2 days. It is said it will help adjust the body to the low calorie intake in Phase 2. HCG supplements are said to be initiated during the first day of the initial phase.


The Burning Phase:

The 500 daily calories is initiated on Day 3.

The duration of this phase can lead from 26 – 43 days depending on the individual’s goal. The participant has a choice of 100-grams of lean protein, one serving of vegetables, one serving of fruit, and a choice of grains for each meal twice a day.

The selections of lean protein the participant can choose from are: Lean beef, chicken, crab, shrimp, or any white fish. There no exceptions to the choices provided.

One serving of low starchy vegetables is required for each meal: Celery, asparagus, cucumber, red rashes, cabbage, tomatoes, chicory, chard, onions, spinach, green salad, or fennel.

Two servings of fruit can be consumed from the following options: One apple, handful of berries (strawberry, blueberries, or raspberries), and half a grape fruit or orange.

Two servings of grains can be consumed from the following options: One grissino breadstick or one Melba toast.


The Maintenance Phase:

-The maintenance phase was design to resume to a wholesome diet with a calorie intake of 1800-2100 daily calories, with the avoidance of sugars or starches for the next 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, the participant may gradually introduce sugars and starches back into his/her diet.

Any one considering this diet should have a 6 weeks rest period before continuing a second interval of the HCG diet. Most nutritionists recommend taking hcg drops while in HCG diet. These drops keep your hunger off all the day. Here are some recommendations while chosing best hcg drops in the market. Make sure to go through these hcg drops reviews before you get them.


Route of Absorption:

The HCG regimen has a daily injection of 125 I.U given 6 times a week.  The general population may have difficulty preforming self-injections. There are other forms available to absorb HCG into the body. Oral drops are one the routes that HCG can be absorbed. These drops are usually taken sublingually where it is absorbed through your capillaries and into the bloodstream. It does not need to be ingested through the digestive track. Sublingual route has been proven to be an absorbable area for medicine to enter the body. HCG drops are designed to be as effective as injection form. Each does of HCG droplets of 125 I.U per does.

Like any thing consumed orally, HCG droplets may take longer to have absorption levels as fast as intramuscular or intravenous route. Longer time to reach absorption level make also imply that HCG oral drops may have fewer side effects than injection form. The idea of HCG oral drops is to mimic the same effects of the HCG injections inside the body. It is take normally three times a day sublingually while on the diet regimen.

The body does not understand the difference between deliberate decrease of consumption of calories and circumstantial decrease in calories. The body is design to take energy as needed internally, if it is not provided from external sources.  This is the argument from critics, that HCG diverts the body to use adipose tissue instead of muscular tissue.

Side Effects:

HCG Hormone is naturally occurring in pregnant women, which may lead to unwanted effects on men such as gynecomastia. With women it has been reported to not take daily HCG during menstruation. It is advise that women start the diet after their menses. Some side effects reported are irritability, bloating, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and leg cramps. If your symptoms persist or become more severe please contact a emergency personnel.

This hormone has been around and FDA approved for fertility issues in women. Physicians in United States, Canada, Australia, and some European countries commonly prescribe HCG hormone supplements in the form of fertility treatment. As of today, this hormone therapy method has not been approved for weight loss treatment. An advisory to consult with your primary physician is essential before trying this methodology of weight loss.  Preexisting medical conditions can be deem to be unfit for someone who is considering this diet.

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